Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happiness and Working Out

About 4 months ago, I transitioned from a failing company with a nightmare boss, to a company that
is in the same field that I am proud to work for. During this transition, I assumed that I would be able to work out regularly because my drive time would be decreasing, but it was more difficult to make time than I thought.

In December, I had a conversation with a friend, and I expressed that I was feeling like I was struggling at work, and might be in the wrong field. When we were talking about why I was unhappy, my schedule was one of my top issues. I really just wanted to be able to get to a class at the gym, and my schedule effectively makes it impossible unless I have a cancellation, or I get up at 4:30am.

Generic cycle class
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So I started going to the gym when there were cancellations at work. And I started getting up at 4:30am some days, to get the the morning spin class. I have been really prioritizing cycling classes at my local YMCA. Sometimes I even go to a stretch or yoga class after if it is available and I have time. I am so glad that I kept my gym memberships because it has allowed me to go to the gym the moment I get the idea. The ability to honor my spontaneity has really been a blessing.

Although I have not actually lost any weight in conjunction with my gym visits, I am still really happy with myself. These classes have been making me feel great! I enjoy the soreness that comes with hard workouts and how my lungs feel after getting in cardio, and how bright and happy my outlook is afterwards.

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