Sunday, May 7, 2017

Training Program 2017: Big Sur Half Marathon

Pictured: not me, but after this training program, I'll be this fit!
My friend and I ran the Big Sur Half Marathon on Monterey Bay a few years ago, and loved it. We are both out of shape again, but we have decided to run it again anyway. Last time, I earned my Half Marathon personal record (PR), so I feel good about it, even though it seems like a really long distance given my current level of obesity.

Since I love organizing training programs, I volunteered to chose programs and make a Google Calendar to keep us on track. We will be following Hal Higdon's programs. I created a calendar with Google that has daily events for each scheduled work out. The race isn't until November 2017, so I stacked Hal's Spring Training program with his Intermediate 1 Half Marathon training program. Then, for the additional 3 or 4 weeks until the Spring Training starts, I roughly followed the patterns of the official training programs with even less mileage.

I am really excited to get this started, and I'm hopeful that having set workouts will help my mental health until I finish my Master's program. I'm mildly concerned that I have planned too much for both school, work and fitness, but I haven't been da
ting lately or socializing at all, so I clearly have time to do something other than lay in bed, and play the insomniac game.

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